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BIOMASTER Range of Pellet Boiler - BIOMASTER Range of Pellet Boilers. These boilers come in 3 sizes - 20/25kw, 30kw and 50kw. They come with digital controllers and fully automatic ignition. This boiler efficienncy over 92%; Simply and quickly operated; Mechanical feeding of fuel from the fuel storage bin to the burner; Three modes of operation:manual, automatic and summer; Central heating and hot usable water pump control system; Ecological burning; Economic use!
BIOMASTER boilers are registered under the SEI and Clear Skies grant approval schemes. Listed numbers : BWFB 7096 and SEI-WB-201
The Ling and Zebiec range of boilers come in sizes 15kw,25kw,35kw,50kw,75kw and 100kw and are all digitally controlled For safe, easy and economical use. They can burn grain as well as wood and other palletized fuels. Economical operation and high efficiency. Low emission of toxic flue gas components, ecological operation. Designed for combustion of pellets. Possibility of cooperation with indirect sanitary water heater. Automatic fuel feeding – up to three days of automatic operation. Easy and fast maintenance. Possibility of controlling by room thermostat. Modern regulator and safety elements.

Zebiec boilers are registered under the SEI AND Clear Skies grant approval schemes listed numbers SEI- WB-154 and please contact us for reg numbers.
Ling boilers are registered under the Clear Skies grant approval schemes for Northern Ireland and Britain. Listed number : BWFB 7099

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